Bike sharing information-Introducing the Trike Truck is your resident purveyor of NYC’s Citibike program. The site is helpful for things like tracking the “NotSpots” (stations with no bikes) shown here in a heat map of Manhattan with the white circles being completely empty.


Also to point out third party innovations like the versatile smart phone mount that easily attaches to the big blue bikes.


great for avoiding NotSpots.

Only $17.95 on

Accessibility can be a real problem and a challenge for the bike share program to keep their stations stocked. It was
always part of the plan to use trucks to move bikes around and try and balance out the stations but now there may be a non-polluting method.

Here comes the Trike Truck.


According to Bike Portland Alta (based in Portland and in charge of NYC’s bike share system) will introduce the new “truck” at a media event before it is shipped off the New York.

From Bike Portland:

Stites (right) and his employee Brian Hall in their shop.

Bill Stites has spent the last two decades building custom, one-off human-powered vehicles (and at least one artistic bike parking structure). About five years ago he started R & D on a cargo trike that had enough power and payload that it could legitimately replace a truck. He called it the “Trucker Trike” and we first reported on it in 2010 when he debuted it at the Pedal National Bicycle Show. A few months later we caught up with Bill and took a more in-depth look at his creation.

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