Brooklyn’s Friendliest Bike Shops according to Brooklyn Based

Just in time for May, other wise known as bike month, Brooklyn Based has a list of its borough’s friendliest bike shops. Time to unlock your ride from your hallway or dig it out from the tarp out front of your stoop and take it to the nearest shop for a tune-up. Why not buy a bike of your very own this summer? BB makes it easier and less intimidating with a nice write up of shops that take out the snobbery and actually make the experience more accessible to their customers.

In no particular order they highlight some bigger operations like Ride Brooklyn with two locations. There is also some smaller places you may not even know about like Bed-Stuys the Bike Slug and Red Hook’s Dog Day Cyclery.

Check it out:

Brooklyn’s Friendliest Bike Shops
April 29th, 2014

Yes, the too-cool-for-school bike shop where no one will talk to you unless you come in on a vintage Italian racing bike or a fixie you built out of bamboo and scraps from the metalworking studio you interned at is a cliche. But, judging from the number of people who say they hate bike shops when you ask for recommendations, it’s also a real thing. For anyone who has ever paid for the privilege of being thrown shade, here are seven bikes shops that are baditude-free, friendly and stoked to help you find a new ride or tune up your wheels.

Ride over here for more.

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