JP Bevins portraits on the Women of the Red Hook Crit

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Photographer, JP Bevins took portraits of the ladies field at this year’s Red Hook Crit.

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Here’s JP:

Hey all, so here’s my first scans of the portraits I shot during this year’s Redhook Crit!

Yes, these are 4×5 film. Ilford HP5, exposed with a Sinar 4×5 camera with schneider 150mm lens.

The race was almost rained out after the qualifying heats, and parts of the course kept flooding and being cleared all through the afternoon. Due to weather conditions and safety concerns, both the women’s and men’s races were not only bumped up in the schedule, but the lap count was drastically cut as well. The rain seemed to really become an issue. Our plans of informing the women to come sit for a portrait got totally scattered. After I was all set up in the driest place I could find, I was in turn left to grab any woman racer I could, and get them to sit for me as they were coming back in from their qualifying heat. I scoured the cruise terminal building that was set up as a prep/staging area for the racers, and was struggling to find my rain soaked and exhausted women racers out of a scattered pile of spandex, carbon wheels, and ladies that had came back in and changed into dry street clothes. The rain had made everything harder and more chaotic than anyone could have imagined.

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