Dinner and Bikes East Coast Tour in June

Eat great food and talk about bikes, what could be better? That’s what’s behind the upcoming, 4th annual, Dinner and Bikes tour starting in June.

Tour dates are on the East Coast and feature vegan chef Joshua Ploeg. He’ll be serving a scrumbscious buffet and promoting his new book: “This Ain’t No Picnic: Your Punk Rock Vegan Cookbook.” released by a great Indy publisher, Microcosm.

Quick promo:

The talk part features a guest I’m super psyched about, author and blogger Elly Blue. At the start of this year she released the book: Bikeconomics: How Bicycling Can Save The Economy. I was lucky enough to get a promo copy in advance. This is the Freakanomics (book by: Stephen Dubner and Steven D. Levitt) of the bike world that realistically breaks down the high costs of car ownership in the US. Elly’s book is a great compendium tool of information for engaging in dialogue when motorists like to drop myths such as: “Cyclists are just freeloaders of our roadways, who don’t contribute to the taxes needed for infrastructure.”

Here is more information about the Dinner and Bikes event:

Here’s what happens at a Dinner and Bikes event:

As the audience arrives, they serve themselves from chef Joshua Ploeg’s gourmet vegan and gluten-free buffet spread. While eating, Joe Biel plays a series of his short films about bicycle activism and culture—his newest shorts focus on the family bicycling movement. Then local advocates and sponsors have a chance to get up and talk about their work promoting cycling. Elly Blue takes the stage and gives a presentation about Bikenomics, showing the audience how to make a compelling economic case for bicycling, equity, and transportation activism. At the end there is a chance for questions, discussion, and browsing the Microcosm pop-up book and t-shirt store.

The tour kicks off with two back to back dates in Brooklyn.

June 2nd at the Old Stone House (5th Ave-between 4th and 5th St.)


June 3rd at the 3B bed and breakfast (136 Lawrence St.)

Find out more by riding over: here.

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