Parade of Bikes…the Art Kind.

A parade of art. It starts with a common theme that can be replicated in a 3 dimensional sculpture such as a cow or a pig. Often to scale the idea is to modify the basic sculpture into different styles and sprinkle them around the city for tourists to find and marvel. Kind of like a legal and accepted form of urban street art, because God forbid Bansky or OBEY Shepard Fairey does it on the DL…that’s vandalism. Wether we, Joe Public, liked the idea or not…we first got stuck with it back in 2000.

20140527-101557-36957276.jpgThat’s was the beginning of the Cow Parade, where life size cows were permanently installed and painted in all kinds of styles such as Pop-Art Warhol or more utilitarian like an MTA subway. Then the idea spread around the world and not just in the Bovine variety. There were rescue dogs after 911 and pigs

20140527-101743-37063637.jpgand even this year we had some kind of giant eggs all over the city for some kind of charitable Easter Egg hunt of corporate art.

Now it’s time for a bike parade…Oh don’t get scared and call the NYPD, this is an art version. I’m sure a permit was approved.

83 year old artist from Mexico City, Gilberto Aceves Navarro, an 84-year-old artist from Mexico City, is presenting his version called “Las Bicicletas.” 120 steel bicycle creations will be spread out in 10 spots around the city starting in June, to unite art and to promote a heathy lifestyle and environmental awareness.

Those Mexicans (artists) always taking our corporate art jobs…
Oh well, much better subject matter then those lethargic cows. So immobile.

Here is more from DNAinfo:

Bicycle Sculptures Unite Art and Healthy Living in Brooklyn Public Spots

By: Nikhita Venugopal
May 26th, 2014


BROOKLYN HEIGHTS — A public art installation featuring more than 100 bicycle-like sculptures is rolling into Brooklyn and Manhattan this summer.

Gilberto Aceves Navarro, an 84-year-old artist from Mexico City, is debuting his work, “Las Bicicletas” in the United States this June as a way to unite art, a healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness.

Find out more by riding over here.

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