Biggest Track Riders On The Smallest Track, Red Bull’s Mini Drome Returns to NYC 6/27

Friday, June 27th, the Mini Drome is back with a vengeance in Brooklyn. Fixed gear riders will battle it out on the smallest track imaginable.

This time, there will be teams. The top 50 cycling teams (two riders each, 100 total riders) from across New York’s five boroughs and surrounding areas.

Last year this event was a real blast, watching urban racers and free stylers trying to figure out how to maintain momentum on a microscopic, severely banked wood track. All to the delight of the on looking crowd who packed this two level church space like a scene out of Escape from NY. I half expected Tina Turner to come out in some sort of chain mail dress and lead the chants of…”Two Men Enter, One Man leaves.”

Definitely, those participants who had experience in other cities (this is a traveling event) had a bit of an advantage since half the battle was knowing how the track worked. Since this is the second year for NYC, it should lend for some fierce competition.
Wythe Wall 2[2]

Here is press from Red Bull.

Although it’s only in its second year in NYC, this unique high octane race has quickly become a top cycling competition on the east coast bringing speed, balance and bravado together on a steep and shrunken velodrome, custom constructed to give competitors a treacherous challenge. Riders will reach speeds of 25 mph forcing them to test their mental stamina, technical precision and raw strength. Fifty teams of two riders have been invited to participate in this pinnacle fixed gear competition. Each rider will clock in heats of ten laps with the top eight combined teams advancing. The night will culminate in a showdown bracket of the top eight teams with one squad being crowned the 2014 Red Bull Mini Drome victors. There will also be an individual competition with riders going head-to-head with the better time advancing.

Tickets to the event are free and on a first come first serve basis. For more information visit:

Door Open at 7:00pm, Main event starts at 8:00pm

Brooklyn Masonic Temple
317 Clermont Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Attendance is free and 21+

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