Brooklyn Machine Works wins Red Bull Mini Drome 2

20140628-233943-85183675.jpg (photo by: JC Ramirez- Urban Cyclist Worldwide )

Friday night (6/27/14) was the Red Bull Mini Drome challenge in NYC. This event travels to cities all over the world and this was the second time around, held at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in Crown Heights.

Urban riders and fixed gear freestylers go head to head on a tiny wooden veledrome. Although its small, racers can get up to speeds of 25 mph, riding laps on ultra tight, banked curves. Very little room for error so the race is as much mental as physical.

This year was also a bit different with riders forming teams of two.




Here is a recap from Red Bull:
Hundreds of New Yorkers packed in the Brooklyn Masonic Temple tonight to see 100 of the top fixed gear cyclists rip on the world’s steepest and smallest velodrome for the return of Red Bull Mini Drome. For the second year in a row, 100 passionate fixed gear racers signed up to race in 10-lap heats around steep wooden banks, resembling a mini Olympic cycling track, in the center of one of Brooklyn’s oldest temples.

In an exciting team finish, local shop Brooklyn Machine Works teammates Darren Lee and Austin Horse edged out the Lockfoot shop duo to be crowned the competition’s 2014 team champions.



“This year’s competition proved to be a definite challenge, and the other teams brought the heat,” said Horse. “Winning as a team for my local shop as everyone looked on was an amazing moment.”

The race began with fifty teams of two from across the five boroughs and beyond, who all set out to conquer the nearly vertical walls of the mini velodrome. Testing their core skills and stamina, riders reached top speeds of 25mph, clocking in ten lap heats, in a single elimination bracketed format. Eight teams with the fastest times advanced to the finals.

In the individual competition, the 16 fastest cyclists from the qualifying round raced head-to-head, where Lockfoot rider Dave Rodebaugh came out strong for the win, after faltering in the team competition. Finishing with a total track time of 37.97 seconds, Rodebaugh edged out his fellow competitor in a close-cut finish before the cheering crowd.



“I kept my turns tight on my individual round and was able to edge out my competitor who was shredding the track,” said Rodebaugh. “The drome is steep, but I was able to maintain my control and speed to come out on top.”

Results (Team): 1. Brooklyn Machine Works 2. Lockfoot

Results (Individual): 1. Dave Rodebaugh (37.93 seconds) 2. Herman Montenegro (38.28 seconds)

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