The President is in Town and All I Got Was My Bike Confiscated??

I got a Panicked text from my friend Chad who woke up this morning to find the bike he parks on the street near his apartment in midtown…was gone. The only thing that remained was parts to a sawed through lock, indiscriminately cast aside at the base of the street sign post he locked it too. He did some asking around the immediate area and found a traffic cop putting up no parking signs. Turns out President Obama is in town today to raise money and the police thought it would make sense to take away all the bikes from the area. So regardless if you leave your bike on the street for years or just happened to have run into the store for a minute…you may have found your $90.00 Kryptonite completely distroyed and who knows the condition of your bike…if you can find it.

Turns out this isn’t the first time this type of property destruction sweep has occurred due to some politician in town.

There was April 2010, on Houston Street…Time’s Up video captured the cops hard at work. (sent to me by: @BicyclesOnly)


From StreetsBlog: Video of NYPD Effeciently deployed to clip bikes on Houston Street.

Then there was 2013…
(sent to me by @KeeganNYC, )

From Gothamist:
NYPD Saws Through Locks To Confiscate Bikes Parked Near Biden.

Now I can understand towing cars on a route where the President will be traveling, especially if “No Parking”

signs are being ignored…but If I’m a cyclist in NYC and see this sign…

I’m pretty sure I’m going to assume this doesn’t apply to my bicycle. But you never know when a terrorist will strike the leader of the free world with an evil bicycle bomb.

So if you had a bicycle chained somewhere in the 40’s of Manhattan yesterday and you think it was stolen…the theives might just be the NYPD. Go to the 14th Precinct-Midtown South and find out.

I’d demand a police report and hound them until you get and your bike back.

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