Win tickets to NYC Bicycle Film Festival

The bicycle lawyer, Steve Vaccaro and his firm Vaccaro & White are one of the sponsors of this year’s Bicycle Film Festival, June 25th-29th.

Each day this week, they are offering a chance to win tickets to the festival by answering a trivia question posted on twitter.

Here is more and the rules from their website:

We’ve been friends and admirers of Bicycle Film Festival founder Brendt Barbour for a long time, and nothing pleased us more than his call last Friday to ask if we could sponsor this year’s festival. Brendt generously gave us a bunch of complimentary tickets, many of which we’ll be giving away! How to score some:

Every day this week we’ll tweet a bike law multiple choice question from our firm’s account, @BikeNYCLaw. Be the first to answer correctly and the tickets are yours. Festival starts june 25th, deets here.


At 1 pm each day, we’ll tweet a #bikenyc law question. First person to tweet a correct answer gets the tix.

Answers must begin w/ “.@BikeNYCLaw“.

“First answer” established according to chronological priority in twitter timeline.

Answer MUST indicate reasoning, not simply give the letter corresponding to choice. We are the sole judges of who is “correct!”

Employees of Vaccaro & White ineligible.

No purchase necessary.

Good luck!

PS-Thanks to Bike Snob for the contest concept.

A promo video for the festival featuring creator, Brendt Barbur:

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