New Red Back Kits from the Radavist.

The Radavist is a wild animal of his own. Formerly blogging at, he has a new name for the site ( but still the number one authority on bike culture which he brings to life daily thorough posts and photographs. He also has a new kit created by Endo Customs out of Los Angeles which is pretty damn rad.




Based on the wild animals you may encounter out in the Bush, like the black widow spider or Australia’s version the red back spider…or maybe just the illusive John “Prolly” Watson, barreling down some single track.

These jerseys and bibs are available for pre-order now.

Jersey: $125
Bib: $145



So if you’re looking for a unique look and wanna keep the “Rubber Side Up,” roll with the Radavist.

For more back story on these kits, ride over here.

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