Products For Cyclists-New Yorker Approved

Here are some cycling products that have been recently profiled in NYC specific publications.

New York Magazine was on a quest to find the perfect on-the-go bike pump:

An On-the-Go Bike Pump for Peace of Mind
By: Emma Whitford
(appears in the July 28th, 2014 issue)


The goal: Find an on-the-go bike pump for predawn flats and peace of mind on your haul up to Nyack. We spoke to die-hard ­cyclists (many of whom work at the city’s top bike shops). They steered us toward a barrel that’s about a foot in length—still half the size of a traditional standing pump, but a couple inches longer than many portable models, providing just enough leverage for inflating curbside.

The Verdict: Topeak’s aluminum Road Morph G ($50 at Bicycle Habitat, 244 Lafayette St., nr. Spring St.; 212-431-3315) has the sweet-spot measurements, fitting snugly below your crossbar. The built-in pressure gauge prevents overinflation and is suited to both road and mountain tires. And unlike typical handheld pumps, which require you to make a flimsy base with your nondominant palm, this one has a mini-footpad.

The source is located: here.

Then the events guide Brooklyn Based had a few products they were psyched about:
Five Bike Upgrades for a Cooler Ride
By: Jodan Galloway
July 29th, 2014

bike-collageClockwise from top left: Reductivist Ringtool ($28); Surname Goods Co. Porteur Crate ($110); Paul Cocksedge Double O Light ($115); CB2 Wood Bike Storage ($49.95); Nona Varnado Little Black Bike Dress ($90)

Between the Bike Cult Show—Brooklyn Bike Jumble’s annual exhibition of hand-built bicycles—coming up in Queens a couple weeks from now and the Bicyclists’ Ball being put on by Transportation Alternatives on Aug. 14, we’re definitely in a two-wheeled state of mind. Even without these upcoming events, summer in general is a busy time for cycling, and by this time every year, our two-wheelers start looking a little road weary. Here are five gear upgrades to help our bikes (and ourselves) go the extra mile.

Since Greenpoint designer Jonathan Sabutis talked about Ringtool as part of our Meet Your Makers series last summer, the keychain-friendly fix-all has become our go-to bike gadget—and not just because it’s fashioned with a beer-bottle opener. The circular tool is made of tempered stainless steel and outfitted with 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8 mm hex heads; flathead, Phillips and torx head T25 screwdriver bits; and wrenches for both 3.30mm and 3.45 mm spoke nipples. It makes bike adjustments on the go a lot easier to do on my own (and has come in handy helping me assemble Ikea furniture on more than one occasion). Best of all, Sabutis offers a lifetime warranty on his invention, making the $28 a no brainer in my book.

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