Virgin Atlantic Flying Around The World-Then Fly On A Bicycle When You Get There.

Virgin Atlantic Airways knows what’s up. Besides flying its customers all over the planet in style…they also know that travel is also about great adventures once you get to your destination. Now we all know that once you’ve landed, the best way to explore…duh…on a bicycle.

Virgin Atlantic also has a great travel blog ( with lots of suggestions on events and activities to check out across the globe.

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I recently had the pleasure of participating in a segment for Virgin’s blog all about exploring NYC by bicycle.
Just to wet the whistle for tourists, I was teamed up with Nick Reale who works as a tour guide for which has a number of guided tours in Brooklyn.

He also has his own site:

Nick choose a route based on Getupandride’s B-M-W, tour: Brooklyn-Manhattan-Williamsburg. This 10 mile loop takes participants on a scenic path across two of NYC’s architectural marvels, the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges.

Nick compiled some great photos and I was able to GoPro the whole way which was blended into a hyperlapse video:

If you’ve never ridden in NYC before…this is a great route to start on.

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See more by riding over here.

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