Citibike Owner Changes Name to Motivate-CEO Jay Walder Interviewed With Streetsblog.

Back in November of 2014, Citibike announced a fare increase from $95.00 to $145.00 dollars for the yearly membership which still is a much better deal then using it for 24 hour increments at $9.00. Although the Post article is not inaccurate it doesn’t do much to investigate the whole picture. After all, Winter is not the best time to gauge the popularity of bike riding. I believe in the bike share program even though I did not renew my yearly membership. I felt like helping out the first year but in reality, I have my own bikes that I rely on for getting around and if I need an occasional Citibike, I’ll use it al la cart. Still I’m glad it’s there and although is comical to watch the arrogant nature of the riders, I think its a viable transportation option, gets more people riding bikes in the city and is basically a non polluter.

Meanwhile the company that runs the bike share, Alta has announced it’s changed it’s name to MOTIVATE and under new leadership, Jay Walder, former head of the MTA. has been all over this story and took the time to interview Mr. Walder to find out about improvements and address some of the concerns of possible disenfranchised members. With this new announcement from Motivate, it’s funny that I didn’t see any follow up story in the NY Post…but I guess that would be too investigative and too positive of a story.

Here is Ben Fried from Streetsblog.

Jay Walder on What’s Next for America’s Biggest Bike-Share Company

IMG_0137.PNG(Photo by: Flickr/fortunelivemedia)
Last fall, former MTA chief Jay Walder took over as CEO of Alta Bicycle Share, part of a restructuring that injected new resources and expertise into a company that had struggled to keep up with the demands of running bike-share systems in half a dozen major American cities.

This morning, the company came out with a new name, Motivate, This morning, the company came out with a new name, Motivate, one of the first public announcements in what’s expected to be a year of rapid improvement and growth. (Another piece of news dropped last week: Jersey City has picked the company to run its new bike-share system, which will be accessible to Citi Bike members.)

I got a few minutes this afternoon to chat with Walder about the new name, the status of the Citi Bike overhaul, and his vision for the company. Here’s our Q&A, edited for length and clarity.

What led to renaming the company and why did you go with “Motivate”?

Read more by riding over: here.

So quick poll. What do people think of the latest moves by the bike share? Did you have a membership in the first year and chose not to renew? What are your biggest complaints about the bike share in NYC? What do you hope will improve?
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