Dressing For Cold

With temperatures in the single digits, one might not even go outside let alone ride a bicycle.

Photo: Frozen fountain in Bryant Park. Posted by: @swampynomo

Michael Vitti of C.L.I.M.B. (Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicycists) posted a guide to dressing for cold on a bike by a group who knows a thing or two about icy weather. Chicago area cycling club-Elmhurst Bicycling:

Winter Cycling Dressing Guide
by George Pastorino, Mountain Bike Coordinator, Elmhurst Bicycle Club


Several folks have e-mailed me about how to dress for cold weather bike rides, so I thought that I would send out a winter dress guide for cyclists that has been battle tested by Pussanee and I…we both hate to be cold and unlike me…she has a scant amount of body fat to insulate her.

This is just an example of what works for Pussanee and I, there are many good ways to stay warm riding all year and everyone has a different internal thermostat and cold tolerance, but ​this​ article will give you a good general starting point.

Pussanee and I ride all winter long and are never cold First I will address the tops and bottoms. Most people over dress for cold weather rides, down to about 25 we will wear a smart wool top and bottom under a breathable windproof jacket and wind resistant tights. Below 25, we will add a thin synthetic long underwear under the smartwool layer and go to windproof tights…..this set up takes us all the way below zero, don’t forget you are cycling not ice fishing….dressing too warm is a killer. It takes a little tinkering to find the best combination for each person and weather condition. Most of the winter I just wear the thin synthetic long underwear under my windproof tights.

For more, ride over here.

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