Gadgets Round Up

With road conditions like this:

(Photo by: @eveostay )
The only gadgets you might be thinking about is something that will make glasses not fog up while wearing a face mask. just put out a list of innovative cycling gadgets that caught their eye way back in 2014. Here is a roundup to get you thinking for this year’s riding.


10 of the Most Interesting Cycling Gadgets
A roundup of the most interesting gadgets for cycling from lights to crash sensors.
By: David Arthur
January 9th, 2015

There’s a plethora of cycling-specific gadgets available these days, so we’ve rounded up 10 of the most interesting gadgets, from lights to crash sensors and navigational aids. Whatever your need, there’s probably a gadget for it.

The Hammerhead:


The Hammerhead is a unique navigation device that uses a series of LED lights to provide turn-by-turn directions when cycling. The aim, say the inventors, is to provide safer cycling routes, and the device syncs with their smartphone app so you find or plot a route. Send it to the Hammerhead, and it’ll guide you through all the turns. An extra feature is a 15 Lumen light built into the front of the unit. It’s also compatible with any of the large number of Garmin computer mounts.

For more, ride over here.

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