Kidical Mass Forum-January 31st

Kidical Mass is not just a clever play on the title of the worldwide group ride, it is a gathering of biking families in NYC. In the spirit of critical mass there are monthly events where the entire family can ride together in a safe and fun environment.

It’s too cold to ride these days, especially if your trying to inspire the youngsters, but don’t tell that to this three year old:

IMG_0133.JPG(Photo by: @BrooklynVeganNanny

Saturday, January 31st, 2015 there will be a public forum for the group to work on their main goal of getting more kids on bikes and make plans for 2015.

Here is more from their Facebook page;

January is a hard month to bike with your kids, but the perfect time to talk about it! This January Forum is to make it (biking with your kids/kids biking) happen for you, or because you want to make it happen for others.

Kidical Mass NYC representative(s) – who we are, how we formed, our rides, and how anybody can take their kids riding with them (or kids can take their parents!)

Meet Local Parents that ride with their kids in the city, and specifically in your area. Learn and share local resources, routes, shops, programs.

Meet Kids who ride, talking about who they ride with, how long they have been riding. Why they ride, and what resources and groups are out there to make it happen for your kids or your neighborhood.

Activity – Biking in the city is about being out and about, in the streets, in the parks, in the world We will have some interactive activities to keep us moving forward.

More info: Facebook Event Page.

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