Move Over Food Trucks, Here Come The Bikes

Food venders have really upped their game over the last few years by being able to provide great delicacies on the street, through food trucks. Enterprising restauranteurs have seen a huge advantage in the ability to cut the overhead of a retail space and be mobile, condensing their wares into a vehicle and using social networking to tell their customers where they’re at. These have often lead to success stories, going from super popular mobile truck to an established space such as Calexico, Mud Coffee and Van Leeuwen desserts, just to name a few in NYC.

Now it looks like the bicycles are getting into the act with a number of success stories emerging from the non polluting, two wheeled variety.

Here is a recent story from NPR’s food series-THE SALT.

Food Trucks, Share The Lane. Food Bikes Are Merging Into The Business
By: Alastair Bland
January 16th, 2015

IMG_0144.JPG(Photo: Charlie Wicker of Trailhead Coffee Roasters makes all of his deliveries within the 6-mile radius of urban Portland, Ore., on one of his custom-built cargo bikes. He can also pull over to brew and serve coffee.
Photo by: John Lee/Courtesy of Trailhead Coffee Roasters)

When upscale food trucks roared into popularity a few years ago, the folks running them praised their rolling operations as far cheaper and simpler to launch than a bricks-and-mortar restaurant.

Now, entrepreneurs are finding similar advantages in food bikes.

Brewers, chefs, baristas and even farmers are turning to pedal-powered vehicles to bring their goods to consumers — and, sometimes, actually produce them on the street.

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