The Bicycle Story Features NYC Stars Austin Horse And Paul Steely White

Josh Cohen is an independent journalist based in my old home town of Seattle Washington. He likes to write about transportation, bike travel and especially the unique individuals who make up the wide world of bike culture.

He has been channeling his passion for bike people and documenting their stories in an interview Q&A style blog called: The Bicycle Story.

In the past couple of Months he’s featured two New York City celebrities:

Messenger superstar, daredevil athlete, stunt ride and all around nice-guy:

Austin Horse.

IMG_0135.JPG (Photo by:
In November 2014, Austin headed to Beirut, Lebanon to help start a fledgling courier company.

and the hardest working man in the bicycle advocacy business,

Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives: Paul Steely White

Here is a little sample:

Paul Steely White: On the Radical Idea that Cars Shouldn’t Kill

(Paul Steely White delivers thousands of letters to NYPD in 2011 demanding driver accountability-Photo by: NAG

New York is one of America’s most progressive bike cities. On one hand that makes perfect sense. As the biggest, fastest-paced city in the country it has always drawn forward-thinking, ambitious people; why not forward thinking, ambitious bike advocates? On the other, it’s kind of insane. New York has a sociopathic driving culture, a police force and political establishment historically apathetic to the idea that fatal crashes are anything but accidents, and millions of drivers, bicyclists, and walkers all vying for the same small space. Yet over the last decade, Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn have been remade into great places for biking and walking with protected bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, and more and the advocates at Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) have been there every step of the way.

Recently they’ve turned their attention to Vision Zero, a radical notion that traffic deaths in New York are completely preventable. Given that the city is still averaging between 200-300 fatal bike, pedestrian, and car crashes annually, they have a long way to go. But T.A. Executive Director Paul Steely White says the Vision Zero framework they’ve laid out can get them there if they can garner the political support and capital funding necessary. I spoke to White about his history in New York City advocacy, his role in one of America’s most influential advocacy organizations, the “golden years” of New York City bike advocacy, transforming transportation with Vision Zero, and much more.

For more, ride over: here.

I’m really psyched to have found this site, even though Josh has been doing it for four years. I intend to spend some time digging through the archives.

BTW Josh, if you want to talk with a world famous bike blogging nerd who’s entering his 10th year of ranting about bike culture…I know a guy.

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