American Couriers Ride Beirut

Bike couriers who take it to the next level, control their machines in a unique space in the crowded streets of the world. They operate comfortably in the margins, the tight inches between bus mirrors and car doors, as if with a sixth sense, a special street knowledge of their surroundings. The hunt for this space also intrigues them to travel outside of their work/play home cities and test their rules of space.

This is partially what lead NY’s Austin Horse and Nico Deportago-Cabrera of Chicago to travel to Beruit, Lebanon to go somewhere Yanks rarely experience, let alone on a bike. 

With help from Red Bull, they traveled to Beirut to explore and to set up a messenger company.

Here is a recent video of their exploits with some great riding footage.

From an article in the Lebanese Examiner:
VIDEO: American urban cyclists navigate Beirut traffic

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