Bike Culture Goes Underground-Literally

 What do you do with an a abandon limestone mine in Kentucky? Build the world’s largest bike park for BMX and mountain bikers.

From NPR:

Upcycling, Underground: Huge Bike Park Opens In Former Limestone Mine

By: Bill Chappell 

February 10th, 2015 

With more than 320,000 square feet of riding area, the new Mega Underground Bike Park features 45 trails.

Jacob Ryan/WFPL

Some 100 feet below the Earth’s surface, BMX and mountain bikers are ripping up trails and soaring through the air in the cozy confines of a huge limestone cavern in Louisville, Ky. The cavern’s owners say they’ve created the largest indoor bike park in the world, with 320,000 square feet of riding. “There’s, like, jumps everywhere you look,” 9-year-old Tyler Bohm tells member  station WFPL’s Jacob Ryan. “I’ve never seen anything like this in a cave.”

Read more by riding over: Here.

And here is a great perspective with a drone camera:

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