Got The Need For Speed And Adventure? 

Do you have the need for speed? Need more extreme adventure then trying to bike to work in seventeen degree weather while cars and trucks try to drive you into piles of crusty slush? 
A British based production company wants you for what appears to be a television show involving speed, travel and “the adventure of a lifetime.”
Wild Blue Media sent me a casting call looking for the following:

“Six highly competitive, speed junkies to take part in an adventure of a lifetime. They’ll be filmed as they travel the world taking on locals in an amazing and diverse array of speed events from Yak riding in remote Mongolia to drag racing in Africa?


We want men and women with real lives; all with a passion for speed – 18 or over. Over 12 months they’ll need to commit to a minimum of 13 trips to various remote and amazing destinations with all expenses paid.


We’d like to feature a cyclist/ courier rider in the mix so hoping you could help us connect with the right people in NYC and spread the word on to the East Coast bike scene.”


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