Kickstarter Of The Week: Modular Travel Bag System

Here is the kickstarter of the week: 
Green Guru presents: The Stand-by Travel Bag System. Modular Pack, Messenger & Kits

By Bryan Beard & Kit Hendrickson

These design students have come up with the ultimate in travel pack: 

 Here are highlights from their kickstarter campaign:

As design students and as human beings, we have been fortunate enough to see the value and impact traveling can have on our lives. As Saint Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Recently, our love of travel has run head-on into another aspect of our lives; we are “backpack people.” 


After going on a few trips that included air travel mixed with outdoor excursions and unexpected journeys, It has become clear to us that there is a need for a bag that can function just as well in flight as it does upon arrival.  So we set out to create the Stand-by travel bag system; a versatile, durable, modular bag that adapts to the user’s needs. We wanted to design a sort of “opensource” bag that allows travelers to pack the way they want. The interior compartments that make up the Stand-by do not contain any permanent pockets.  Instead, we have provided the option of a removable organizer that can be added to either bag, or it can be forgone altogether to create additional freedom in packing. We have also included optional “stuff-sacks” that can be easily attached for more initial packing room or left empty and added on further into the trip to accommodate new items such as new clothes, souvenirs etc. 


Find out more and how to fund, over here: Here.

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