New Bike Maps Are Out.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.38.40 AM

Like the tulips popping up, the line at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden cherry blossoms thingy and the increase of bicycle snatching…Spring has Sprung in NYC.

And with all that good stuff, comes a really excellent resource that isn’t electronic…A map…made out of paper.

The Department of Transportation says over 370,000 maps, will be delivered to local bike shops around the five boroughs for free, just in time for May (Bike Month).

This map is always great for showing bike friendly routes, greenways and all of the nearest bike shops. Oh, and don’t tell the motorists…it’s also a really great for just plain getting around this vast city.

You can download a PDF as a poorman’s app on the D.O.T. website: here.

Or just go with the ultimate analog experience…Paper. Order one by calling 311.

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