Spring is here! #30daysofcycling-Make the Pledge

Today in NYC we finally cracked the cold hard grip of winter with a glorious 60 degrees, by late afternoon.

The first warmish day of the year is kind of like bicycle ground hog day, for me. Cyclists start coming out of hibernation and like the furry rodent of a Bill Murray movie, predicting the length of winter, I like to make an impact prediction of my own.

What kind of a bicycle season will we have? How popular will it be? Will the streets be flooded with teaming masses of bicycles, darting in every direction…some even going with traffic?

It’s hard to predict what motivates people but back in 2010 a couple of Minnesotans decided to try something to kickoff the Spring and inspire people to ride bikes. They made a pledge of riding every day in April and recorded their progress across social media using:



Five years later, its’ still going strong and April is now a fun filled way to get biking and see who else is out there.

Perhaps all you need is some nice weather to get going. If not, maybe #30daysofbiking is a good motivator.
Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.53.47 PM

Take the pledge now:

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