Kickstarter Of The Week: The Commuter Gaiter

Brent Thomas is not only into biking, but actively concerned about making streets safer and cyclists more visiable to motorists. He is the creator of the The Bike Wrap, a super bright reflective system for nightime riding and designed to be stylish by day.

Now he’s expanding with a new product that also combines safety concerns and the needs of cyclists.

  The commuter gaiter is a wrap around spat of sorts with addresses the annoyance of having to roll up a pant leg or using a velcro leash while also being highly reflective and gets bikers noticed. 

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1 comment to Kickstarter Of The Week: The Commuter Gaiter

  • Alaykum Assalamu

    how is carrying one of these around with you and then having to strap it on and off easier than not having to carry something around with you and rolling up your pant leg?