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Just sold a bike on-line and need to pack it for shipping or taking it on a plane? Here is a great step-by-step *guide from

*This is a British based website, so the information is listed according to UK statistics and money, however the packing information is quite useful for us in the US.

How to Pack a Bike for Shipping

Are you getting a new bike for Christmas? Trading your old wheels for new? Upgrading and reselling? Planning a cycling holiday? All good reasons to want some top tips on how to pack a bike from the experts at ParcelHero!

Over 43% of Brits have a bike, three million of us cycle three times a week or more, almost 800,000 cycle to work every day and over 5billion km are cycled in the UK every year. Bikes can be cheap but are often not. The Trek Emonda SLR 10 2015 Road Bike will set you back a juicy £11K, so looking after it is a must. Even a scratch on the frame will devalue the bike, and the last thing you want is to damage a key component.

Your bike may be a smooth ride but that doesn’t make it the easiest thing to package up and send. And now that airlines are so draconian with luggage charges, cycle enthusiasts are sending their bikes on ahead.

Assuming you are not buying an expensive bike case, which can cost up to £300, here is the smart, safe way to package up your bike. Along with some useful pics we took with our friends at Evans Cycles, here are some tips to reduce the cost of your delivery and ensure your bike arrives in tip-top condition. All you need is a good box, some packing materials, strong tape, a set of allen keys, an adjustable spanner and half an hour.

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