Red Bull Mini Drome 2015 wrap up-Video

Red Bull has been ahead of the curve (pun intended) when it comes to constructing tiny tracks and having urban street racers test their skill in both speed and daring. This year the Mini Drome challenge returned to NYC in a 19th century dance hall turned art space in Maspeth Queens. In order to up the challenge, a figure 8 track was constructed which added a whole new degree of difficulty from the standard circular direction. Competitors had to navigate tight turns as well as switching directions on the over-under wooden track.


Action packed photos and a recap can be found on Steven’s blog:

Congratulations to the winners:

1. Addison Zawada (FL)-Who also helped build the track 2. Ryan Locasicio (Bronx) 3. Matt Reyes (SF)

Here are some wrap up videos.

From Diablo:

and from Red Bull.

and check out this one from SAFA

Check out his race report: Deviant Line.

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