City’s Message To Cyclists-Winter Is A Time To Leave Your Bike At Home. What Are Your Thoughts?

This blogger has had a bit of a hibernation since July-2015. I just needed a good Snowpocalypse to come out of my AirBnB ice cave.

Here is a posting from a ‘mystery’ guest who wanted to share his experience with cycling in the snow and the issues of the lack of priority of bike lanes when it comes to snow removal.

On Saturday 1/23/2016 a near record blizzard dumped anywhere from 26 to 30 inches of snow on NYC.

While NYC emergency services were still busy clearing the streets of snow, one intrepid cyclist, wondered Sunday afternoon if the Manhattan Bridge bike path would be cleared enough to get to work, the next morning.

Here is a video of his long journey from Brooklyn to Manhattan (warning PG-13).

Post Blizzard Manhattan Bridge Bike Lane – Exposed – 1/24/2016 – 3:10 PM

One can see, a serious job was not made by the City to maintain this vital route, putting an undo burden on the cyclist for his/her own safety.

If it were not for some above freezing weather temperatures the last few days, #bikeNYC would be in a much worse place.

So it seems you will either have to wait for the City to get around to it, or you can file a complaint here. and hope for the best.

Across the City, as late as Wednesday 1/27/2016 (and continuing) many other bike routes were still unplowed generating a series of articles in the press including the Gothamist: ‘Hope You’re Not Planning On Biking Anywhere Today’

In the future it has been suggested to use the hashtag #plowbikelanes to crowd source areas in need.

What was your biking experience during the blizzard? Did you start biking again? When? Leave your comments below.

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