New Tappan Zee Bridge bike/ped path set to open in 2018, but…


Screenshot from “New NY Bridge – Conceptual Rendering” youtube video 2:28.

Good news, yes, the 12 foot wide Shared Use Path (SUP), is scheduled to open in 2018, but it appears for years, many South Nyack residents are concerned about, having their city made more bike friendly (otherwise known as NIMBYism).

One would think the 3,500 residents would be more concerned about the expansion of the bridge to 4 lanes in either direction, currently daily, bringing an average of 140,000 motorists (with a high of 170,000) and its increased pollution, and potential accidents due to increased speeding? A uniform 100 to 120 motor vehicles per minute.

Instead “Their fear is the 3-mile path may become a tourist attraction. By the state Thruway Authority’s own estimates, 473 visitors could visit it per hour during peak times.” At maximum, 8 people per minute, not the average, or median number.

So instead of having the bike path ending calmly, in the town itself, the residents strongly advocated to dump cyclists in a yet to be built 56 space parking lot at Exit 10, a nearby busy exit off the Tappan Zee Bridge, and the Raymond G. Esposito Trail, the so called “Concept F”, due to concerns about additional local traffic.

In the long run, the residents could regret this, as the bike ride to the Tarrytown Metro North Station, is much flatter, than biking to the Nanuet Metro North Station, any time they want to invade the City by public transportation (Metro North offers a $5.00 lifetime permit to bring bicycles on their trains), or bike across the bridge for any other purposes.

To avoid this mistake, an additional access point is needed at the River Road/Piermont Avenue/Bike Route 9 crossing, and since the 56 new parking spots at Exit 10 are written in stone, this should not cause any additional motorized traffic for local residents by tourists.

Finally, a source tells me, even 24/7 access to the SUP is in question, if you can believe that?

Public comment on the proposals is open until 4/1/2016, no joking, so don’t be a fool, send an e-mail to about these and other issues concerning this vital bike path.

The Shared Use Path (SUP) appears between 2:23 to 2:45 in the video

6 comments to New Tappan Zee Bridge bike/ped path set to open in 2018, but…

  • Joan Brickman

    I remember not too long ago, when Nyack had many vacant store fronts and was very run down. A tourist town? Still not enough to see in Nyack, but another way to bring in business, is desired by most areas. Bicyclists and walkers need to eat, drink, buy goods. The reasoning as to why not to have the pedestrian path end in Nyack is counterintuitive. Instead, spend more funds, that are not available, so that the path will avoid Nyack. Please keep the path. What South Nyack doesn’t need, is more cars entering the area..

  • As you can see I am a NYC resident. We ride all year long and the businesses that have bike racks outside welcoming us do business all day long starting from sunrise to sunset.

    Just look at the simple math, one parking spot and accommodate 10 to 12 bikes. Check out most of the cars that are driven through your town, one person per car.

    Even and five years old can see this math. Cycling is good for any small town, especially money coming in 35 miles away!

  • There is always a but and a butt!

  • glenn

    Do you think you can walk or ride your bike across the bridge . the only people that say no, to doing something like that ,die young

  • Nina

    It’s been proven repeatedly, that bicycle traffic is good for business. Businesses in areas where bike paths have been installed see an increase in revenue. What businesses don’t see is an increase in noise, pollution or traffic jams. It makes sense to have the new route in Nyack, if improved commerce is desired.

  • So the people in South Nyack are concerned about the increase in traffic from cyclist instead of drivers? I don’t understand, which vehicle would cause more deaths, more noise, more pollution and more damage to their community? It’s the bicycle I suppose. The irony…