Manhattan Critical Mass – Friday 4/29/2016 – 7 pm

As we wind down a sobering April, in which two NYC cyclists were recently killed in Clinton Hill, and Park Slope, adding to the 4 already reportedly killed through 2/29/2016 according to the official Vision Zero website, we can at least look forward to the monthly Manhattan Critical Mass community bike ride?

Not so fast, it was reported only 4 cyclists showed up at the northern end of Union Square last month, at the usual 7 pm starting time, not even worthy an unwanted NYPD escort! That’s fewer than the number of cyclists killed this year in NYC.

Well, maybe we can take some solace in Critical Mass video from around the world, where the ride thrives, and hope for a better May when bike month begins?

Houston Critical Mass – 3/25/2016

Miami Critical Mass – 3/25/2016

London Critical Mass – 3/25/2016

Hamburg Critical Mass – 3/25/2016

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