Virtual Account of April 2016 Critical Mass – London’s Burning!

Last Friday night, cloudy, cool, and rainy in NYC, so NYC Critical Mass was not personally experienced, instead, opting to bike to the indoor, and heated annual free Bike Expo New York which closed at 8 PM that night (props go out to the volunteer mechanics from Recycle-A-Bicycle).

Since that night, we’ve heard no personal account of the NYC ride, that, with the weather, and the fact the weekend also hosted the Red Hook Gladiators Crit (Gothamist crash report) Saturday, and a very wet Bike New York on Sunday (both major weekend long NYC cycling events), might explain it?

Meanwhile, in London, England, youtube video clearly shows a police officer hit a Critical Mass rider with his patrol car, run over and destroy another’s bicycle, and then take off, according to Evening Standard’s better youtube video. Not sure what led up to the confrontation? Apparently there was a questionable arrest before the cyclists’s surrounded the police car.

This contrasts with a report in Streetsblog, ironically today, which claims cycling is “booming” in London. I guess there are two sides to every story?

Here is an eyewitness account of the incident in London:

Check out the other two videos above too, they are not embeddable, or they would be embedded on this blog.

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