Bike Theft With A Happy Ending.

Sent to me from Jordan Schau from Pure Cycles:
Here’s a story of one man’s quest to recover his stolen bike with the help of social media and a slice of pizza.

Over 1.5 million bikes are STOLEN each year in the US.

Half of all cyclists report having had a bike stolen at some point.

The vast majority of these bikes are not recovered…but every once and a while a lucky rider manages to get their missing bike back…but it usually doesn’t include ransom notes demanding hot dogs…

On April 19th, New Yorker Nick Diodato became another sad statistic of bike theft. His Pure Cycles’ Wallace was stolen from his apartment building by an enterprising thief. Nick wasted no time setting out to get his bike back.

Armed with surveillance footage of the suspect, a handful of flyers, and a flair for film – Nick took to the streets to ask the city for a hand reuniting him with his ride and #FindNicksBike was born. Nick mobilized his mission on social media – creating a video call to action for New Yorkers.

Despite the best efforts of Nick, the NYPD, and the friendly people of New York, on July 2nd the campaign to #FindNicksBike came to an inconclusive end. From back-alley chop shops, high-end bike stores, and even the seedy underworld of Craig’s List – no stone was left unturned, but Nick’s Wallace was still nowhere to be found…

It looked like Nick’s bike would never be recovered… until the afternoon of July 31st when Nick received a call on his tip line and, just like that, the search was back on! A mysterious caller* had information on Nick’s stolen bike, and they were willing to help him out in exchange for some demands of their own….chiefly pizza and hotdogs. With the help of three local bike shops Nick followed a trail of clues across Manhattan and was reunited with his bicycle! 

The moral of the story is don’t ever give up…and if someone wants to trade you pizza for a bike, don’t hesitate!

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