Warriors the bike ride screening-Rooftop Films @ Coney Island 8/8/16

Long before everybody had a film festival and could make a movie with their iPhone in an instant, Rooftop Films  was showcasing movie making artist works to the NYC public. What started as a renegade pop-up venue on a tenement roof in Manhattan has blossomed into a full fledged institution of cinema with submissions of film makers all over the world and screening events in great locations-besides building roofs.

This Monday, we are honored to be included in a outdoor cinema event which celebrates 20 years of short films, just a mere sampling of Rooftops huge archive. 

The location couldn’t be better, under the cyclone rollercoaster at Coney Island. 7:30pm.

Here comes the bike culture connection: Jesse Epstein, Christopher Ryan and Me (Michael Green) had such an amazing time in 2002 being part of the Warriors bike ride, a messenger style race based on Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic–The Warriors.

After forming our “gang” the Electric Vikings…we joined over 800 other participants to battle our way from the Bronx to Coney Island in a legendary bike event in NYC.

After having the ride of our lives…we decided to experiment in crowd sourcing video footage, way before it was cool and cut together a half hour documentary for the 2003 Bicycle Film Festival.

I know, there have been two other Warriors fun rides since the glory days of the early 00’s.

2014-Cyclehawk and Trackordie had a remake with a modern twist, checkpoints were done with photo evidence on Instagram #warriorsnyc.

Then it happened again, in July of this year…

Warriors Fun Ride 7/2/16
So Monday 8/8/16 take a ride to Coney Island, come out and plaaaaaay. I know you can Dig it. 


You can say, “we fought all night to get back to this?”

Event info: 

Rooftop films Summer Shorts Series.

Here is a time line of Warriors Movie and bike culture events.

1979-Walter Hill’s movie is released to the those New Yorkers who didn’t escape the “white-flight” of the late 70’s.

2002-The Messenger community organize a fun ride for a year based on the grimmey cult classic movie. 800 people come out to ride, get lost, get tattooed and survive the semi-gentrified world of NYC.

2003-The Bicycle Film Festival premieres the documentary: Warriors the bike ride. The documentary is lost in savage world of disgruntled spoilers and those pesky issues of copyright infringement. 

2014-after years of cyclistists saying…”when’s the next Warriors ride?” Cycle hawk and Trackordie bust out another event in a very gentrified-NYC.

2015-A Warriors movie reunion is organized at Coney Island, screening the original movie with cast members and hardcore bands.

(There is another one scheduled for September 2016. Info: Here.)

2016-July 2nd, another Warriors fun ride is dug.  Participants gather in the Bronx in their gang colors, take Instagram photos all over the city, battle in Sumo costumes and sing Kareokee in front of Barclay’s Center.

Photo’s from Gothamist.

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