Brooklyn Cycling Made ‘Perfect’ In Samsung’s Galaxy

During a year in which NYC cycling deaths actually increased compared to the previous two years, smart phone manufacturer Samsung produced a TV commercial “Samsung Galaxy: A Perfect Day” posted to youtube on 11/10/2016, which already has over 1,814,000 views, idealizing youths cycling on Brooklyn streets all day on their own showcasing some of its famous neighborhoods.

At two points in the full video, the kids are biking on South 6th Street, in Williamsburg, home to the Time’s Up! Bike Coop!

Rumor has it, Time’s Up! received some of Samsung’s over $530 billion in assets for the use of their bike vending machine, building, and sidewalk for the shoot.


Screenshot from “Samsung Galaxy: A Perfect Day” youtube video 0:39.

In scanning some of the over 680 comments in the youtube video, they can be broken down into three general reactions:

1) What is the name of the song in the video? Answer: the Pixies’s “Where Is My Mind?” (1988) covered by Nada Surf (1999)

2) Something to the effect of, people feeling lonely and isolated, wishing their childhood were like what they were seeing in the video.

3) An isolated anti-bike rant: “Nice ad EXCEPT encourages kids to do dangerous stuff on their bikes. Riding off sidewalks into intersections, hogging the road, not stopping at stop signs, etc. Irresponsible of Samsung and its ad agency.” by a youtube user.

In spite of the fantasy depicted, the only real suggestion, is maybe to change the music to an artist who was actually born in Brooklyn, like Lou Reed’s “Street Hassle”, “Perfect Day” or Garland Jefferies’s “Wild in the Streets” to stick with the strong NYC theme of the video. Well at least 3/4 of Nada Surf were born in NYC.

Leave below in the comments what songs you think would go best with the video.

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