More Monster Track-Videos-and Discovery Of A Great Podcast

Here is a brief article on everyone’s favorite fixed gear street race by Nick McManus who took some cool poloriod group shots of the MT scene.

Speed Demons Were Out In Full Force For The Monstertrack Fixie Race

MonsterTrack pre-registration party at Legion Bar in Williamsburg hosted by Le Noize karaoke, 3/16/17. (Photo: Nick McManus)

By: Nick McManus

March 20th, 2017

While everyone else was working off their St. Patty’s hangovers, the city’s fixie fanatics were gearing up for the eighteenth annual Monstertrack bike race. The unsanctioned, fixed-gear-only messenger-style race is a favorite of both local and out-of-town riders from all over the world. (This former messenger took 22nd place in 2009.) 

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Videos are starting to surface from the race showing a wet and wild time.

Here is one from Pedal Strokes-

And Eastcoast30-

I was looking up some random media on MT and discovered this great interview in a podcast with Domincan Chris, this year’s MT winner. Whaaaaa? A cycling culture podcast I hadn’t heard of? Where have you been all my life?

Check this: A crew of street racing, track bike enthusiasists, consististing of Gabe “Electronica” Diaz and Jason “Buckets” Colon-the hosts, and Cisco “Free Agent Frank” Colon on production-have this amazing podcast often recorded in their favorite bowling alley. 

Now heading into their second season, which mean there is this amazing archive of interviews with some of the biggest names in NYC bike culture and some you need to get to know. There stories are really amazing especially Dominican Crihs as he talks about racing, fighting accusations of. cheating, and battling it out on the streets for respect in the world of alley cat races.

Check out their site:

The full archive is on SoundCloud: Crihs

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