Fallen Angel – One Year On

Today, 4/15/2017, there was a memorial for Lauren Davis at the Greenpoint Reformed Church who was killed by a motorist one year ago on Classon Avenue in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn while biking to work in the morning.

In attendance were many of her family and friends, including her mother, sister, and a brother who all flew in from California for the anniversary. Although the mood was somber, people spoke about their memories of Lauren, a song written especially for the occasion, was performed live, and someone danced, “as she would have liked it”, followed by a mostly vegan reception. But it was clear that her loss was still fresh in everyone’s hearts and minds.


Photo from the facebook page of Mirza Molberg

This comes on the heels of two other NYC cyclists being killed by motorists in April, and the peculiar way Mayor Bill de Blasio’s NYC Vision Zero Action Plan is responding to such tragedies by having the NYPD writing red light tickets as high as $4,600 to individual cyclists, and impounding e-bikes en masse, which is particularly burdensome for low income people.

Reports are, Lauren’s sister is moving to NYC from California, in part to get a bike lane built where her sister was killed.

Let’s hope they can get Vision Zero back on track soon to keep us from having more Fallen Angels on the streets of the city.

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