Seattle Slew Bike Share

According to a 3/31/2017 article in Bicycling Magazine, Seattle shut down its Pronto bike share on that day, which started in 2014, and expanded to 500 bikes and 54 stations.

There are many theories, according to the article, like Seattle hills:

and a mandatory helmet law (although it is legal to ride a bike on the sidewalk):

Meanwhile, in NYC, according to the New York Post (4/5/2017) ‘at least five rogue companies are muscling in on Citi Bike’s turf with service that eliminates the use of docking stations’.

Not sure when the New York Post became an anti-capitalist publication?

Companies like Ofo, Mobike, bluegogo, Spin, and Noa could dump 100,000’s of GPS based bikes on USA streets for as little as pennies for a single ride.

Sounds like bike heaven to cycling advocates?

According to quotes in the article, opposition is coming from unlikely sources, because of fear of ‘piles of bikes’ on streets, and sidewalks from Executive Director Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives, and progressive City Council Member Ydanis Rodríguez the Chairman of the Council Transportation Committee.

Well if it is causing controversy in NYC, maybe it could undo the Seattle Slew of bike share in that city?

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