65 Year Old Motorist Nearly Beats To Death A 74 Year Old Cyclist In Canada With A Club

As widely reported internationally and captured vividly on video, on Tuesday, 7/18/2017 around 11 am in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, 65-year-old David Fox, nearly beat to death, a 74 year old cyclist with a small club, then drove off before police arrived, and was later arrested for aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

While it is hard to imagine what the cyclist did to deserve this beating, and hope for some kind of justice, and a full quick recovery, it should be noted that 27 year old NYC cyclist, Neftaly Ramirez who was killed by a hit and run private, yet to be apprehended, sanitation truck at 12:30 am on Saturday 7/22/2017, prompted another NYPD response of ticketing cyclists (by the 94th Precinct).

Transportation Alternatives has a petition on its website “Stop Ticketing Cyclists When Reckless Drivers Kill” that only has three signatures at this time, of the 1,000 sought.

Some in the legal field, believe there could be consequences if you kill someone with a motorized vehicle.

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