On Bicycle Terrorism

The past week was likely the worst one in NYC cycling history, and one of the worst ever worldwide up to this point.

Photo Source: AP

According to Streetsblog (Gothamist, another bike-friendly publication no longer exists as of 11/2/2017), the Hudson River Greenway has become an unsafe security obstacle course after 8 cyclists were killed on Halloween afternoon, 10/31/2017, and another 11 people injured by the same self-declared ISIS terrorist, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, who rammed a rented Home Depot truck into all of them.

While many are still in shock, and mourning, this is not the first cyclist to be killed by a motorized vehicle on the greenway, that was Eric Ng, 22, on the night of 12/1/2006, by a speeding drunk driver, so Transportation Alternatives called for “low-cost safety improvements necessary to prevent another tragedy” on 1/3/2008, that were apparently ignored by the DOT. Another cyclist, Carl Nacht, 56, was previously killed by a turning NYPD tow truck on 6/22/2006 at a greenway crossing.

Instead, that money was likely spent on the relentless and expensive Bloomberg/NYPD war against the peaceful NYC Critical Mass bike ride, which they finally won sometime during 2015 or 2016.

In a similar vein, last weekend, the City also decided to deploy its resources against Bike Kill 14, one of the last remaining vestiges from community driven NYC Bike Summer of 2003, shutting it down twice on 10/28/2017, ironically, the second time right next to a Home Depot parking lot in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn.

Juxtapose the City cycling priorities when a predictable peaceful cycling event being held on private property, endangering no one, is targeted for sudden shutdown by a strong NYPD presence because of the “lack of a proper permit”, takes precedence over the City investing in safe well designed bike infrastructure that was needed for over a decade already, and could have helped to save the lives of 8 innocent people!

The question looms, what have cyclists really gained since losing the community Critical Mass bike ride: having excessive unnecessary NYPD monitoring of cyclist behavior (when there was very little before), and mostly subpar, cheaply made, poorly planned, poorly maintained bike infrastructure introduced by careerist Janet Sadik Khan, a sycophant to the global elite, that are now proven extremely vulnerable and unsafe (unless turned into a segregated high security fortress which is completely impractical)?

Its pretty clear, both literally, and figuratively, idealistic “Bike Summer” is long gone, the question now is, how much worse “Bike Winter” can possibly be?

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