World Day of Remembrance – Sunday 11/19/2017

This Sunday, 11/19/2017 marks World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims:

massacre of eight defenseless cyclists on the West Side Greeenway by a self declared terrorist last month, this event occurs at an especially hard time for the NYC cycling community, in which there are passionate calls nationwide for Gun Control, by the Left, and banning Muslims from certain countries, or entry mechanisms, from the Right, but no similar calls for ‘Car Control‘ from any side.

Detailed information about the NYC rally, including feeder group bike rides from all 5 Boros to the City Hall event are listed here.

If you are seeking something lighter this weekend, the 19th annual ‘Cranksgiving’ charity alley cat is occurring the day before, on Saturday 11/18/2017, or you could do both events?

Upcoming, the 19th Annual Time’s Up ‘Lights in the Heights‘ Holiday bike ride is scheduled for Sunday 12/17/2017 next month, as well as the 20th Annual New Year’s Eve Ride & Dance Party! Look for updates to those events either on the Time’s Up! website, or on facebook.

Finally, a passing mention to our fan, Erik Roby, inventor of the high-tech versatile magnetic Afterglow bicycle reflector, which will hopefully shine some additional light into this bike winter.

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