The Crash Seen Around The World

New Year’s celebratory fireworks reached Australia first in 2018.

But for Queensland cyclist Geoffrey James, it started off with a different kind of bang, when graphic video of him emerged online being struck from behind, by a speeding car, while he was legally riding in the road, and then laying on ground in the obvious pain screaming for medical help while the driver responsible for the crash is heard standing over him saying repeatedly “I’m really sorry man, I’ll pay you,” without offering him any assistance.

Despite this, many victim blaming comments and threats appeared online, against Geoffrey’s plight like: “Hahaha die cyclists die hahaha the middle of the lane is not your domain”, leading Bicycle Queensland to call for a “truce” between cyclists, and motorists.

“Truce”, a cheeky way to put it?

Meanwhile, locally, the Time’s Up! 20th Annual New Year’s Eve Bike Ride, and ‘Future Positive After Party’, was forced to reverse course this year due to several years of City Parks harassment at the traditional Central Park Belvedere Castle fireworks public viewing site, and ended ironically at The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space in LES.

Despite the harassment, and very cold weather, Time’s Up! are calling the bike ride, and party a rousing success!

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