The Warriors Fun Ride – 7/7/2018

What was once a 2002 NYC biking legend, is now becoming a NYC biking tradition, with the 2018 edition of “The Warriors Fun Ride” scheduled for July 7-8, 2018, “dusk till dawn”. Previous rides were organized in 2014, and 2016.

The images below are all the details you should need, from a flyer given directly to us from “Squid“, one of the organizers of the event, a famed NYC bicycle messenger:



The bike ride is based on the 1979 cult classic film “The Warriors“, in which a Coney Island gang is falsely accused of killing a leader in the Bronx, who was trying to unite all the feuding gangs in NYC, and must make it back to their home turf without being caught.

The 2002 ride was such a hit, around 800 people showed up, a film was created documenting the event, and screened multiple times at the Bicycle Film Festival internationally for years.

Just last week, two new trailers were created for the 2018 event on Instagram –


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Hope you come out to play-ay!!!!

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