July 2019 Critical Mass Recap, See You On August 30th!

It appeared between 200 to 300 cyclists attended last night’s Critical Mass for Safer Streets, without incident, and was completely unharassed by the NYPD, or any other government agency, for the entire 9 mile, 2 hour ride.

Probably the first time, a Critical Mass ride of this size, went unharassed in NYC in over 15 years?

The next monthly Manhattan Critical Mass ride is scheduled for 7 pm on Friday August 30, 2019, at Union Square North, marking the 15th anniversary of the start of the NYPD crackdown on Critical Mass which occurred at the 2004 RNC.

You can RSVP on facebook here if you’d like.

It was a beautiful Summer evening, and not one many expected to experience again in NYC anytime soon, given history of Critical Mass in NYC.

What better way to share the story, but by videos, and photos, by the participants themselves:

Still We Ride!

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