Please Help Tammy!

This is Tammy.

She is a visiting nurse from Portland Oregon. She has been working in a nearby Brooklyn hospital with Covid19 patients. She wants to be safe and commute by bicycle so she was on her way home to the place she is staying after a long shift in the hospital. You know, one of those people we all bang on a pot around 7:00pm to show appreciation. She was shown something different at around 10:20am. A Baldor specialty foods truck made a right turn and somehow didn’t see Tammy waiting at the light. Also the driver didn’t hear all of the witnesses screaming for for the truck to stop because it didn’t and Tammy nearly escaped with her life as the wheels of the truck were inches away from crushing her like it did her fold up bike. This is what’s left of Tammy’s bike…

It is totaled but luckily this is not a reflection of Tammys body. She survived with only a few scrapes and an adrenaline rush, much like she must get when people come into the hospital panicked because they can’t breathe from a horrible virus. I didn’t see the actual crash, but I did see the truck make the turn and the driver seemed to still be very unaware because he was making deliveries just a few blocks away. While Tammy waited on the corner for the police to arrive. I called Baldor foods and got in touch with their dispatch. They did the right thing and followed up and got the driver to return to the scene of the hit and run just as the police arrived, about an hour after impact and two phone calls to 911. (They must be busy with all the illegal fireworks and looting Antifa)
The police took over and put in the squad car and got everybody’s information. The driver still seemed aloof as Tammy was explaining her story of what happened and what the witnesses saw.
I would like to show Tammy some real appreciation as well as blowing bubbles and ringing a cow bell daily at night. I think we should get Tammy a bike. It could be a loaner bike, she will be here until the end of July…right when a lot of us loose our extra unemployment.
If you have a bike or want to donate money to get her a bike. Please email me.

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