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My name is Michael Green. I’m a blogger, a film maker and a purveyor of humankind’s greatest invention…the bicycle. I write about mutant bikes, messenger events, bicycle technology and the vast realm of bicycle culture. My focus is on New York City, my home for the last 18 years.

Things are constantly changing around here. Like one’s bicycle project, this is a work in progress. For now if you have any questions, comments or feel the urge to send me free stuff (hint hint) Get in touch with me:

A little history.

I started BikeBlog.blogspot with Blogger, in February 2005, in the heat of battle, when the New York Police Department was bearing down on our once peaceful critical mass. An enormous precedence was being set. The police were trying to define what critical mass was and fit it into some logical explanation complete with leaders and organization. This was happening, most likely to justify their actions of mass arrests five months earlier, just before the Republican National Convention came to NYC. I wanted to help define critical mass myself, or rather keep it undefined and make it be an every evolving, spontaneous unique experience for the individuals who participated. I wanted a way to personalize the experience through my own words and to connect with the amazing fact that this bike ride was happening on the same day in over 300 cities around the world.

Critical Mass was the inspiration and since then it has evolved into a blog about the vast world of bicycle culture.

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