August 2014
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NYC Bike the Bars.

Ok so apparently July is “Good Beer Month.” Thank God, cause I’ve been drinking crappy beer for the last 11. Whew. Oh, yeah and I read about this in Gothamist, today…7/21/09, which is, ah, almost the end of July. It seems as if Mayor Bloomberg, that purveyor of fine craft brew, proclaimed July [...]

Tour Updates on

Check out Tour updates and podcasts at:

Saturday, July 25th…Tour viewing party and Espresso tasting

Bon Matin, Mont Ventoux! On Saturday, July 25th, we will be hosting an espresso tasting and TdF viewing party at 8am. Help us break in our new Giotta and sample some great roasts from Stumptown, Counter Culture and Intelligentsia – all while watching what will prove to be an epic and decisive stage [...]

Hey it’s catching on…

Boston Police using social networking like Facebook and twitter to catch bike theives… Read the article here.

5 iphone apps that replace bike hardware

Check out these cool iphone apps for cyclists:

Video Fridays…7/17/09

Here’s one, just cause it’s awesome. Oh yeah and there is a bicycle in it.

Saw these on how to avoid the bummer life. which Kris Holms proves can be achieved with only one wheel. Here is him riding through the Ewok village. and some sweet BMX. Joe Perrizo Ok this is a [...]

Bicycle Film Festival is in San Francisco-July 14th-18th

Bicycle Film Festival is in San Francisco and Oakland.

Here is my interview with Andrew McClintock who is running the festival there:

Name, age and where you live and ride. Andrew McClintock, 24, Born and raised in San Francisco.

bikes you own? My bike got stolen last night and besides that all I have [...]

2 events at the City Reliquary

I like to support the fine folks at the City Reliquary who host bicycle fetish day. Here are some upcoming events:

Two events we hope to see you at soon!

NEXT WEEK The Annual City Reliquary Benefit aka “The Brooklyn Boogaloo Barbeque” will be on Sat July 25th 6-10PM. Tickets are $25, $50, or [...]

Weekend Roundup and Randomness Round down.

Here is a bit of what went on over the weekend and some randomness.

Thanks to the Prolly, I found out Urban Outfitters in selling bikes which you can mix and match the colors of parts and components.

This strangely represents Nike’s ID program which is kind of the same thing…only when [...]

Lawsuits and Press Release

Christopher Long is suing the NYPD for his tackle in Time’s Square and their covering it up.

There are other lawsuits floating around as well against NYC’s “Finest.”

Here is a bit from a recent press release from environmental group: Time’s Up.

“The City is being sued for $1.5 million for trying to cover [...]