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8/26/09-Caption this photo

Bike Theft Round up…

Well the bike thievery hasn’t taken a break this summer. Here are some recent sad tales I’ve been sent. I apologize for the ones that were so late (I was on vacation)

The go backwards from most recent. August 25th, Will O’meara said his roomates bike was stolen from the hall of their building […]

How to Avoid the Blogger Life…

Biker, Blogger and Artist, Stevil Kinevil has left the Swobo family and is now got his own blog: All Hail The Black Market Where else will you find such great gem like this: Besides this thing called YouTube of course. But Stevil has a way of bringing it all together. Here is his manifesto […]

Bike shorts is happening again, September 27th

Wanna make cool movies about bikes like this: wanna impress your friends and win $100.00? Its time for Bike Shorts Now in its tenth installment. 5 minute submissions due by September 20th, More info at: […]

Bicycle Film Festival Orlando and Miami, interview

The Bicycle Film Festival has been rolling through the country this summer, so far in these cities:

Memphis • New York • Philadelphia • Pittsburgh • Minneapolis • Richmond • San Francisco • Detroit • Oakland • Portland • Austin • Chicago • Montreal • Boulder • Toronto • Orlando

In my ongoing series, […]

A message from the Reverend

It’s our Democracy, stupid! All problems can be traced to our inability to convene, to meet – physically – in public space. Meeting in public, the oldest form of Democracy, is also the most modern. It is resisted by a byzantine system of police permits, insurance, surveillance. Our campaign for mayor must pull the […]

Harlem community garden tout. August 29th

A great way to see the community gardens of Harlem.

Walk or bike.

Harlem gardens tour. Saturday, August 29th. A message from the parks department: We are delighted to report that the Parks & Recreation Dept. of NYC will be supplying transportation ( trolley) for our upcoming Harlem Gardens Tour. For those of you […]

Big weekend in Seattle

Ryan from go means go wanted to let everyone know about a bunch of bike events this weekend.

Also the bicycle film festival will be coming there for the first time. Sept. 10-11th


Video Friday…8/21/09

Ok, its back. My weekly bike video roundup.

First off a video by JC of Cyclehawk Studios. Goldsprints from the NYC bicycle film festival in June. Luke Stiles with the tattooed chest, dropping the hammer.

Eric Xue from grandmighty put this video together from when he tagged along with Resil,Manny,Axel and myself(Carl) for some […]

Time’s Up dance Party Ride this Thursday.

Come ride with Time’s Up and the sound bike Dance Party from the 80’s

80s Dance Ride Thursday 8/20/09, 7:00pm in Tompkins Square Park

I promise there will be some Joy Division.