What was going on in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn drivers have really lost their minds. Maybe they think all bets are off when it comes to operating their vehicles in this lawless borough.

Now I don’t want to make comparisons in anyway here. What happened are isolated instances and, well lets just say I got off light.

Yesterday, Wednesday…October 17th, for the […]

Alleycat in Albany, NY


Albany, October 20th.

Do it!

Track Kaiju screens in two places.

The short fim I made, Track Kaiju, about 2 Japanese bike messengers traveling to NYC to race in Monster Track will be screening this week, so if your in the neighborhood…check it out.

First up is Boston, MA for the Boston Bike Filmfestival

The festival is Oct. 18-20th.Kick off Party…

Posted by: […]

Bikers look for BRAINS!!!

More by: TheorySam


Saturday is also ZOMBIECON.

Its this event where people dress up like zombies and march around NYC looking for BRAINS. Its modeled after Santacon and happens in a bunch of cities all over the US.

visit: ZOMBIECON to get on the email list to find […]

Midnight Ridazz NYC…October 20th.

Ok, this is my favorite time of the year. HALLOWEEN. So much going on. This is the time of year I get no sleep, stay up all night making flyers and costumes. I’ll just post em as I see em.Saturday, OCTOBER 20NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADMIDNIGHT RIDAZZ

Put on your creepiest undead costume, grab […]

Online Cycling News…

For a daily report on cycling news check out: From their site:

“Hello and welcome to, a daily digest of cycling news from around the world. Think of CWN as a watering hole for cycling enthusiasts and people interesting in finding out more about cycling, training, trends and equipment. Articles and information […]

October 13th, Trexlertown Swap meet.

Saturday is T-Town.

Need a new bike, wanna find a deal on rare parts…get on down to the premiere bicycle swap meet in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania

This information comes from velo news:

On Saturday, October 13 from 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Trexlertown, PA (formerly Lehigh Valley […]

Another big weekend for bikes…

October continues to rock here in the big city. Just coming off the MASH premiere and all that went with it…next up:

Saturday, October 13th is the final race of the most elaborate series in alleycat history.CK and his team have been working out all the details for an event which should be a […]

You can pre-order MASH.

Pre order MASH video here and see more pix of the crew in NYC. From people who know how to take pictures…

Check out Kyle’s blog from Dave’s Quality Meats for more pictures by TAKUYA […]

Video footage from at the banks…

Video by Nubloom

and he says he has no video experience…