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April 2014
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Critical Mass to kiss Smolka’s Ass (goodbye)

Hey don’t forget to sign the buddymap and let me know where your at…————————————————————–Well tomorrow is the last NYC critical mass before the parade rules take effect. To recap, this was the latest strategy for the police to clamp down on our consitutional rights to assemble and further enhance their powers to stop the [...]

Picture by Visual Resistance Small article in this weeks Time Out NY about memorials and Ryan Nuckel of Visual Resistance who has contributed art to cyclists killed.

Time Out New York / Issue 595: February 22–28, 2007

A small tribute brings the issue of pedestrian safety to the fore. (p. 8)

Every year hundreds [...]

Monster Track, offical results

Sheesh, you’d think nothing else was going on in the world except Monter Track…well just a bit of follow up. Here are the official race results from a very unofficial sport.

and check out mess nyc for pictures.

I am feverishly working on a Monster Track 8 edit and will have a rockin [...]

Monster Track Week…whew.

This was one hell of a week. It started off pretty bad as I ended up loosing a $3,000.00 video camera at JFK airport, picking up Shino and Hal. I hope to do a fundraiser soon to try and make up a little for my lost gear, maybe its time to make a DVD [...]

Monster Track 8 review

Messnyc has posted the video I edited about Monster Track last year.

I have been hanging with Shino and Hal from Tokoyo who have come to NYC for the week to hang out and race Monster Track.

Shino, otherwise know as Hirouki Shinozuka, is the fixie king at the 14th annual messenger world championships [...]

Missouri students start messenger company

Joe Hendry of Mess media sent out this article about 3 Missouri students who started their own courier company…doing what they love…Biking.

Business competition inspires students to launch local bike courierservice

By Crystal Neo

Columbia Tribune, February 14, 2007

Training for a cycling team can be cause for teeth-gritting. You haveto do it whether [...]

Pedicabs in Kenya and NYC

My wife has been in Africa for work and sent these pictures of their version of the pedi-cab called boda-bodas from Kitale Kenya. I wonder if their city will try and ban them like ours for clogging traffic?

Meanwhile there was a rally at the steps of city hall on Tuesday in response to [...]

Promo for Monster Track

Here is a little commercial I made for Monster Track…

Also following the race is a day of track bike events–skids, footdown…Sunday, the 18th.

Check out Squids new video

Monster Track 8 is coming.

Hey, don’t forget to sign my buddymap…let me know where you are at.————————————————————Its a little over a week until Monster Track 8, a famous NYC alleycat race of all fixed gears. Monster Track even has a wikipedia page that I think is fairly new.

This race brings people from all over the world and [...]