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April 2014
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Flyod Landis speaks and roller racing this week

Here is a new trend for me in 2007…actually posting an event before it actually happens. Novel concept I know. Wednesday the Brooklyn Brewery is hosting an event with Tour De France Champion Floyd Landis. Its a fund raised for the floyd fairness fund so Landis can try and shed light on what happened [...]

Great things happening in LA

Its Bike Winter. In the spirit of Bike Summer, an event held each year, hosted by a new city, Los Angeles isn’t waiting for summer. Although normally, its summer there all the time…but now with man-made climate change…who knows.

Anyway…check out the events at:

Bike LA

I know, a little late [...]

Global Warming Conference…

So rest assure, we can finally expect some real change in our attitudes towards climate change, now that scientists admit that Global Warming is man made…DUH!!! Yeah, right, I’m sure that is a big priority on the Bush administrations agenda…NOT!

In May, Mayor’s from around the world, who really have absolutely nothing to do [...]

Any one go to Freezing…Midnight Ridazz?

August 20th, 2005, Time’s Up brought you this first Midnight Ridazz, a bike ride modeled after an on-going successful event in LA. Its a more loose, often costumed theme, critical mass type event that has gotten hugely popular on the West Coast, bringing out lots of people who may shy away from the what [...]

Press Conference on New Police (BS) on Parade Rules

Press Conference outside of One Police Plaza…Wednesday, January 31st. NOON

Indeed the police have published their latest version of their parade rules, and they will go into effect on February 25th (Missing February Critical Mass by a couple of days). The new rules forbid `parades’ of 50 or more cyclists or pedestrians without [...]

A change in the wind…

From the executive director of Time’s Up–

“New York City Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall resigned today. Over the last couple of days there has been a lot of movement from New York City concerning transportation issues. Some have been favorable, some not so favorable. We’ll see what comes next. One thing is for sure–this [...]

Stuper Bowl, Feb. 3rd. and a new bike blog

All those racing in Minneapolis…we salute you. Stupor bowl is a long standing race and some day, I will make it out there.

Found a new bike blog… how to avoid the bummer lifeWhat could be more fun than riding bikes, drinking beer and [...]

Idiotarod 2007 video

Saturday was the Idiotarod. A race based on the iditarod, the Alaskan sled race, only this urban version is a team of five strapped to a shopping cart. Home Depot must be wondering where their shopping carts are, but look no further than the streets of Brooklyn and Queens, where some 400 participants raced. [...]

NYPD redifines its Parade Rules–Goodbye Critical Mass

So despite all we fought for, the objections by key city council members and our hard work to stand up for our basic rights of assembly by coming to their rigged public speak-out at One Police Plaza…the NYPD has gone ahead with redefining the parade rules. Too Bad Smolka will get to miss out [...]

Book signing party for new Messenger photo book

Amy Bolger has been riding the streets and taking pictures for a long time. Now she has compiled her photographs of alleycats into a new book and there is a permier party, on February 16th, the day before Monster Track 8. (this is also a chance to pre-register for NYC’s fix gear only [...]