December 10th-Community Board Meets on Delancey Bike Lane

Delancey street is one of the most direct bike routes to the Williamsburg Bridge. Some could argue it is in desperate need of a bike lane.

December 10th, Manhattan Community Board #3 Transportation Committee will Discuss this issue.

Please join Transportation Alternatives and the Adopt a Bike Lane Initiative for the Manhattan Community Board […]

Bikes in Buildings Bill

One of the biggest barriers to increasing ridership in New York City has been an aggressive and often infantile building policy against the bicycle. Often a UPS delivery person can bring into a building a stack of boxes weighted town precariously, on a hand truck but the minute a doorman sees a bicycle…OH NO! […]

Tax incentives for biking to work in California.

One good thing to come out of the bailout was a tax benefit for people who bicycle to work. Here is some information on that in California from the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

Well, Jon Kessler isn’t going to wait around for this to get implemented, like waiting for banks to come clean […]

Congratulations to the newest member of the bicycle community.

Paul Steely White and Zoe are the proud parents of Anna Jane.

Paul is the executive director of Transportation Alternatives

Hub and Spokes on the Move

One of my favorite blogs for information about urban planning and how that involves the bicycle is moving to St. Paul Minnesota.

From hubandspokes “I am sure regular readers have noticed my posting have been leaning more towards the Twin Cities as of late. Starting in November I will be living there full-time. […]

New York Times sees Orange bikes and I see Red Flags.

Another video of the orange bikes explaining DKNY wants an Auto-free NY: “hey their message was unclear…we gave them a message.”

I would like nothing better then to put this whole Orange bike thing to rest, although its done wonders for the readership of this blog. I hope we get it by now…DKNY […]