New Kind of Strap On, for the Snow that is.

Now they laughed at the Snowboard when it first came out, but how about a snowboard for your mountain bike wheels… Check out the this Colorado company’s new Bike Boards.

Might be good for ripping it up in NYC’s deep slush.

Here is a video:

An article from Atlantic Cities:

Strap-on […]

Instead of Harassment one Precinct looks for Input on Street Safety

Could be a sign of a new era for street safety. It looks like instead of spending the winter harassing cyclists and ticketing them for running red lights in Central Park (no sign that tactic is officially over) the NYPD may actually be trying to reach out, or at least one precinct is.


Tech Watch: Bike theft innovations

Here are a few inovative concepts being developed in the area of bike theft. First is British designer, 21 year old Kevin Scott who’s come up with a bike that can be wrapped around a pole. Read more here.

Then check this out: Wi-Fi transmitters alerting your smart phone if your bike […]

Tech Watch-The latest

Here is the latest in bicycle innovations and gadgetry.

Check out the Yike Bike:

Read more at:

Then Mickey McManus of sent me this link to the Ipad Sprocket Pocket. How to turn your brand new ipad into a clever turn signal. (ipad not included)

More about this:

iPad […]

Tech Watch: Hubless BMX

Ok, I’ve heard of no hand brakes on your track bike…now here’s no hubs on your BMX: Russian graphic designer Nikolay Boltachev has come up with the “BMX Concept.”

Read more at The Design Blog […]

Tall Bike Joust app is out.

A while back I was approached by a couple of characters from my past and told about this new iphone app coming out where you get to virtually engage in the real sport of Kings, Tall Bike Jousting. I mean besides such useful information as what are the cleanest toilets in NYC like Sit […]

Tech Watch: Helmet speakers

Wearing headphones while biking can be dangerous. Here might be a better solution for getting your tunes, literally stuck in your head.

check out the Tunebug Shake

Tech Watch

Couple of new lights:

From: a new LED that senses how you bike.

and charges on your Iphone.

and New Era is making an LED that attaches to your Cap. […]

Tech Watch: NV mini-bike navigation

So my good friend, Dan Katz, is always sending me articles on the latest in bicycle innovations, so I decided to give him a logo for a new section I’m calling: Tech Watch.

(ah, fun with photoshop)

Ready for Ecco-Friendly Bike Navigation?

Iriver presents the NV mini.

and it works […]

Gadgets: a Cabon Fiber bike with traction Control.

Sanyo, known for making things like this: Is now designing Carbon Fiber bikes with Traction Control…(That’s Hi-fidelity, for you Boogie Nights fans) Now yours for only $6,600.00.

Carbon fiber, with its light weight and high strength, is the material upon which the modern motorsports world is built. Traction control, which decreases difficulty, threatens […]